We are looking to a future where
genomic data benefits billions of lives
through precision medicines and
accelerated therapeutic research.

We're building technology today to help make that future possible.

Search is part of the answer.

We live in the age of the hundred dollar genome, and rich genetic data resources drive new discoveries every day. But searching within and across genomic datasets for diverse genetic insights in real time remains impossible, and these resources have seen narrowly-scoped use in therapeutic development processes and clinical medicine. We believe that the full potential of genomic and biological data can be realized by techology that enables researchers and decision-makers to integrate and explore petabyte-scale datasets visually, accessibly, and instantly.

We're a team of scientists and engineers stepping up to this challenge.

Right now, we are working privately with advisors and partners as we design the initial applications of our platform. We're always eager to meet others who share our vision, reach out to learn more!